We started out on a journey to create something different in the world of men's skincare products.
But how could we set ourselves apart? There is an enormous market for female cosmetics with extras; why shouldn't there be one for men as well?
The idea arose to offer mystery jewellery with a few of our handcrafted products ( of course we offer a no jewellery option as well). 
In order to offer mystery jewellery with our handcrafted products, we decided to rely on our experience with beard grooming products.
I've tried so many different types of beard oils, balms and butters over the years, but none necessarily worked how I wanted or had a distinctive scent.

We are a clean, honest, and simple NZ brand,
We care about the beard and the man behind it
Hamish, Ashlyn, Lisa, Kyden (H.A.L.K)