Do I need Beard Oil?

by H.A.L.K BLOGS on Aug 04, 2021

Do I need Beard Oil?

    Beard Oil

This is a question we get asked frequently and the short answer is YES, definitely.

Let us explain why;

Most of us grow facial hair at some point in our life, for some it may be easy, others not so much

But have you ever tried to grow facial hair only for it to get itchy, patchy, uncomfortable and overall does not look healthy so you shave it off? (We've all been there) Even myself!

It wasnt until trying to grow my beard (more than just a couple weeks of stubble) for the fifth time that I decided enough was enough and I needed a solution.

I could not bare the dry, dull, lifeless, itchy and flaky beard anymore, there had to be a way to stop me from shaving it off.

Then it hit me, I had seen ads for beard products all over but I had the normal kiwi attitude "she'll be right, itl grow" so I started paying more attention, reading more articles, researching and finally I came up with an answer.

I had been neglecting my facial hair, which should of been obvious id only do the bare minimum and give it a wash every couple of days but that was not enough.

So I devised a plan and have spent a lot of time researching and testing, lots of trial and error but finally got it right.

Quality Beard Oil helps to condition the hair, strengthen and improve growth, reduce itching, moisturise the skin underneath, tame flyaway strands and create the conditions for healthy beard growth.

Beard Oil helps to nourish the skin underneath your facial hair, whether it be long or short, if you are planning on keeping your facial hair for a good amount of time then its never too early to start using it.

There is so many benefits to using Beard Oil, if you don't have any then you should look into getting some.

We do recommend using Beard Oil, However, at the end of the day the choice is yours.

Growing a beard and maintaining it is not the easiest but can be well worth the effort.

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